Aker H6e I & H6 II Drilling rigs for ultra-deep waters

The platforms are specially designed to meet high environmental standards and can operate in ultra deep waters, harsh environments, extreme temperatures and at long distances from supply infrastructure.In 2009, Aker Solutions delivered the first Aker H-6e platforms Aker Spitsbergen and Aker Barents, two of the world‘s largest, most advanced and most robust semisubmersible drilling rigs, to its client, Aker Drilling. With these units, the Aker H family is on its way to find oil and gas for the next generation, at water depths and in areas that were inaccessible only a few years ago. They are large, modern, safe and efficient, designed and built to drill 10 000 metre-long wells in water depths of up to 3 000 metres.

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An image of the rigs

The unique hull design provides excellent stability, which ensures efficient drilling under weather conditions that would force less advanced rig types to shut down. The excellent motion characteristics also contribute to creating a safer workplace. Significant storage capacity ensures less dependence on regular supply deliveries. The double RamRigs™ enable parallel operation, improving operational efficiency.