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ISOTECH, an Italian company spanning 3 decades of uninterrupted success, was established in 1989 by Antonio NIGRO. ISOTECH is a technical – commercial consulting company with longstanding experience matured mainly in the electromechanical field, addressing both the marine and industrial sectors, as well as power utility companies. ISOTECH manages and coordinates a dynamic team of highly experienced technical and marketing experts, specialised mainly in the electromechanical sector.ISOTECH has a solid and consistent technical and international background, enabling us to

provide our customers with extremely efficient, constant, innovative and reliable support. Through longstanding global alliances and comprehensive, in-depth market knowledge, ISOTECH efficiently offers full support to its customers, providing them with highly trusted sources. Partners are followed in various ways: by increasing their activity, improving their market positioning and acting in relevant areas developing “key success factors” to achieve the targets planned. ISOTECH relies on experts and a unique network in Western Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Central America.

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